The Coronet Cinema London - The unofficial web site

Welcome to the unofficial Coronet Cinema, Notting Hill Gate, web site. This site has been put together by a fan of the building, as a celebration of this wonderful grand old lady of cinemas. The cinema also has an official web site that is published by the owners. It can be can be found here.

The Coronet has been around for a long time, opening as a theatre in 1898. It is one of the best and atmospheric venues to watch films in London. The cinema originally open as a theatre and started showing films in 1916 when short films were added to the variety bills. Films have been shown full time since 1923. Famous with London audiences for until recently being the last cinema where customers could smoke while watching films, it is rumoured that the building has more than one ghost. Over the years the building has featured in many films and TV programmes. It recently featured in Notting Hill, the blockbuster film that starred Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts.

The cinema has changed hands many times over the years and is now owned by a Notting Hill based church, The Kensington Temple. The church has invested heavily in the cinema's restoration, including modernising the toilets, foyer, projection and sound.